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Our Vision…

Lester’s Feet was started as a way to help families with sick children cover medical or daily bills due to high costs of medical treatments and reduced income. Lester’s Feet pays bills directly. Instead of handing a family money directly, we pay the bill or expense for the family. This ensures money is going to the specific need while helping the family cover financial burdens.

As families navigate serious illnesses, many parents lose or have to quit jobs. Even when FMLA or leave is available, income levels are drastically reduced. Lester’s Feet specializes in helping families navigate expenses while focusing on the care of their child. This could include but not limited to: monthly bills such as car payments or mortgage, medical bills, travel expenses, or lodging while the child is receiving care.

Lester’s Feet Foundation is a 100% volunteer organization. You can be assured that your donation is going directly to help these families with very little administrative expenses coming out (CPA filing tax returns).

How is the Money Raised?

The origins of this foundation were very small. Several people pooled some money together to help one family in need. The idea to help families with sick children quickly grew. As more money was raised, the foundation was started and is now incorporated in the state of Kentucky. As individuals and corporations have seen the impact that we have on families, the organization continues to grow at a rapid pace. Today, Lester’s Feet Foundation is a registered 501c3 non profit organization.  CONTACT US DIRECTLY IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE!